Kweli [ 2 syll. kwe-li, kw-eli ]

Meaning ‘truth’ in Kiswahili, and used when expressing something that is true.

It is a truth that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color often face an alternative experience to the ‘norm’ when it comes to common places and spaces. We find that our skin color, and identities often determine what is ‘normal’, and to imagine otherwise is a luxury. In some spaces we are welcome, but in others, we are made to feel like we are not. It is in this context of limited information around the lived experiences of BIPOCs that Kweli Noir is born.

Kweli Noir is a platform for BIPOC to share their experiences as a resource to other BIPOC in identifying safe, and unsafe spaces and places.

Kweli Noir welcomes you to share your experience and your truth while creating a supportive community that lets others know they are not alone. Come to inspire! Come to inform!